Things to do

Personal goals for the following 365 days:

  • Learn to dance!
  • Eat healthy food 6 days/week  (one day can be a Junk food day)
  • Learn to cook (healthy and tasty)!
  • Workout 2 times/week
  • Do not work at least one day per week, have some time for myself!
  • Every week try at least 1 new thing
  • Improve my English skills
  • Be confident with myself
  • Do not be afraid of everything
  • Visit a new place
  • Write this blog every single day

Business goals for the following 365 days:

  • Learn how to write perfect blog posts
  • Create a solid work routine
  • Learn to use PS, AI and Id.
  • Create social media strategy for the start-up I work with
  • Prepare monthly newsletter campaigns
  • 3x increase bow ties sales