OMG! I love surprises and today I had the best surprise ever!

Lately, the surprises I had were not real surprises. Mostly it was things coming true after a hard work or long wanted gifts. But a real surprise is when you have no idea of what is going to happen or your ideas are completely different from the reality.

Well, today in the evening I was cooking and waiting for my love to come back home. But suddenly he texted that he will be late because he is doing something that I will like. I was sure that he got inspired and was creating a new gif (a few seconds video) or something like that.

When he got home I saw the smile and joy on his face. He came in the kitchen with his coat, said has a gift for Valentine’s Day and asked, if I want to know what it is now or on Valentine’s Day. Of course, I said now! Guess what it is?! A weekend trip to Gran Canaria for two of us!

It was the best surprise ever! I was jumping out of happiness, clapping my hands and thanking him! Let’s go to Gran Canaria!


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