DIY is one of the best things in life! I just love doing things with my hands, if you also love DIY, here are some ideas I found on Pinterest and would love to try. If you are not a DIY person, I still offer for you to look through these ideas and maybe you will find some inspiration and try one of them on your spare time.

Jewelry holder is what every woman needs but sometimes it is difficult to find the one that meets our needs. I want my jewelry holder to be a little work of art and easy to make, that is why I was looking for DIY jewelry holders made of polymer clay.

Here is a brief explanation how to make a plate:


Here are wonderful ideas how your jewelry holder could look like:

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733b15a775b44e1b398de682ff27bb59 18ebe3c029393d6ad276acff3315f2d8 8cc6be7003ab3bb486a08d50e6d7dfb5 7719e4c7e225d6c2b74fdec373a1ba08 c743c4e990e7998e1d7b3500d8ae7fb2 60d673ae7916dba2b7e328fbbc400106

You can find various colors of polymer clay in most of the DIY and crafts’ stores. It is cheap and you can mold anything from it. After molding, bake your creature from 10 to 25 minutes in the oven in 115 C degrees heat. After baking, you can decorate it by painting with acryl or by polishing it, or you can simply leave it as it is. Just get a few pieces of polymer clay and create the most adorable jewelry holder!


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