When I was visiting London for the first time, I was mesmerised by the chaos, greatness and variety of this city. I fell in love with it deeply and wanted to see and try everything that it has to offer. Now I live here but it is difficult to feel like you are at home when you still see yourself as a tourist, trying everything and having no clue about truly the best places in the city.Β 

For me, it is important to have a place where I could enjoy a cup of Late every time when I am there. In my hometown, I had a few places I loved so I was looking for such places in London as well.

After a little bit more than a month (summing all the time I have spent here), I finally found one place that I really like. It is a cafe on the 6th floor of Tate Modern. This place is completely different from the places I liked in Vilnius. This cafe is high, by the Themes, with a perfect view of St Pauls Church and Millennium bridge. It seemed too fancy at first but the price of a cup of coffee is same everywhere so why not to have it here and enjoy the view?


Also, most of the times I used to drink Late but a few days ago I was doing a research about cafes in London and reading their reviews and about pages. I noticed, that many cafes write how great their flat whites are and many people wrote about the taste of flat whites as well. When in one description I found a phrase ‘Sexy Late (Flat White)’, I googled what the hell that flat white is and why everybody drinks it.

So today was the day when I tasted Flat White for the first time and I enjoyed it in the cafe at Tate Modern, with a perfect view and a great company. I am not sure if Flat White is better than a cup of Late but that cafe is perfect for sure!


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