I truly believe that mistakes are done for a reason! Whether they teach us something, make us laugh or direct us somewhere.

Recently I was thinking why do we have to make them. Why can not everything, what we do wholeheartedly, go fine? But, oh boy, we just have to make some mistakes!

About a month ago I received a gift. Two chocolate bars packed together. When I took the first bar, it was packed in a double layer of foil. Imagine a chocolate bar – it is packed in some nice looking paper package and in foil as well. Well, yes, this one was packed in an adorable paper package and a double layer of foil.

When I saw that second foil layer, I thought ‘Oh, cool, I have never seen a chocolate packed like that!’ Actually, I liked that double-foil thing so much that I instantly decided to make a picture of it. Also, I showed it to all family and sent snaps for my friends to show what a cool chocolate I have received.

A few days later I grabbed a second chocolate bar and was excited to unpack that awesome double foil package. And… There was no second layer. It was packed the same way all chocolate bars are packed.

Then I understood, that the first bar was packed in that double layer of foil by mistake. But that mistake made my day! I truly thought that it has to be like that and loved it because it was different from all the other packages that I have seen before!

That chocolate bar had a mission. It made me laugh and reminded, l how important it is to think out of the box (all creative souls know how important it is but we have to be reminded from time to time). Also, someone’s mistake affected me so much that it made me realise that mistakes are made for a reason. And of course, not only did it gave me so much food for thought but also was really tasty!


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