The magic. The magic of touch. It happens, when we are touched by another person or when another person is touched by us. 

We have various sensations and each of them is incredibly important. Because of them we can feel, see, smell, hear and taste. Those sensations determine how we fell but sometimes we let them control us. Also, sometimes we can provoke some sensations in ourselves and then enjoy them wholeheartedly.

Today I and my S.O. were listening to incredibly calm and relaxing playlist which included some mantras. The music itself was really relaxing and I enjoyed it very much. Then my Love came to me and started touching, patting and massaging my face.

You know how cats purr? I would do the same if I could when I am having any kind of massage!

Just imagine a silent relaxing mantra sounds and warm caring touches on your face… It was like heaven. Then I understood that two sensations are enough to feel like in heaven. Without music, those touches would still be incredible but with music, this sensation is even stronger.

A magic of touch makes us relax, clear our thoughts and to enjoy every touch. It is a pretty simple thing to do and yet so desirable.



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