After an intensive week, we all need to stop and rest for a while. The time I enjoy most is the one spent with my man. A lazy Saturday spent lying in bed, reading books, drinking cocoa and just enjoying each other’s company is absolutely amazing!

You know those moments when you feel wonderful while doing something alone? For me, it is reading! I just love to sit comfortably on a bed or sofa and read. Only when I am alone I can truly become a part of a story.

Another thing, I am not sure how about you but I always feel a little bit guilty if I lie in a bed for a half of the day. Even if it is a weekend, I still think that I should get up and do something better.

Well, when I am with Him, no matter what we do, everything feels amazing! It is wonderful to spend that half of the day in bed, not to feel any guilt, just enjoy the moment. Also, it is so lovely to read books together! It is like you are alone with your mind and the story you read but at the same time, you have a shoulder to rely on.

I wish every weekend to start like this one! Books, cocoa and we. A perfect lazy Saturday!


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