The question ‘How to grow a Mango tree?’ haunted me all day. Everything started early in the morning, I was peeling a mango when a shell opened and I saw this seed, looking like a huge bean. 

Usually, I simply throw the seeds away but, oh, boy! This one was like an infant! Do you see that white part of the seed in a photo? That part is so soft you can feel it is alive.

To throw it away would be a sin, so I kept it. All day long I had it by my side and was thinking whether should I plant it or not?

These thoughts evolved into deeper questions about life and our part in it.

First of all, if I will plant it, would a tiny Mango tree grow up from it someday? If it would, is there any chance it could bear fruit? How long would it take? Could I take it with me when I will leave England? If not, where would I leave it? Who am I to decide if this incredible little thing is going to the trash bin or to pot, full of soil?

Now I understand, that the mango, which we ate for breakfast, had a mission and it was more than to be eaten. It had a seed and that seed had to provoke some things in my mind that I was trying to avoid. I was trying to avoid responsibility and serious plans for the future. I had a plan for the next three months, maybe for the next year, but to grow a mango tree… Well, it is kinda a big deal.

After all those questions and thoughts about the future, I made a decision. The seed must live! I watched a few videos about how to grow a mango tree and my seed is now in a cup with some water. Let’s see, if it really wants to grow. If it does, I will plant it and take care of it as long as possible.

Maybe one day we will eat a mango for breakfast from our own mango tree.


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