Usually, I feel uncomfortable doing some things on my own. Not always but, for example, when hanging around in the city or even going for a walk. When I do these things with someone else, it is great, because we can have a chat, share opinions about what we see and so on. But I feel terribly uncomfortable while doing these things alone.

This is more than quite silly. That is why I want to change it, I want to feel as good being on my own as I  do with someone else.

To be honest, I have never been in a gallery without someone. I always had someone by my side. Today I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and visit National Gallery alone.

When I entered it, I put my glasses on and went into the first chamber…


Being there on my own was awesome! Never before could I stand in front of each work of art for a few minutes, never before did I notice so many details, never before did I had so many thoughts on my mind.

It was quite difficult not to share my opinion with someone but I shared some moments on my Instagram and sent some pictures to friends. Of course, they could not feel all the greatness of the atmosphere and admire those perfect pieces like I did but at least I satisfied my need to share.


This step out of my comfort zone might seem tiny but for me, it is incredibly huge. Three hours alone in a gallery. Three hours full of inspiration, minds about those work of art and life. Three hours of enjoyment.


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