As I mentioned in my earlier posts, for a few days I was in a blank space between the chapters. During that time, I was preparing myself to “read” the next part of the story of my life. That new chapter starts now!

Today I was moving from Vilnius, Lithuania, to London. I was waiting for this so long! But when you want something wholeheartedly, nothing can stop you.

I always have many thoughts in my mind and I had even more of them lately. It is hard to say goodbye and so pleasant to say hello.

It was hard to say goodbye mostly because of my parents. I love them so much and we are very close to each other. Of course, I have a sister, so they still have one daughter by their side to take care of. But I am still their kid, I will always be a little girl for them.

When I have decided to move to London and told them about it, their behaviour changed. They became, even more, sweet, loving and caring parents and did their best to show me how important I am for them. Thank you, mom and dad, for all this and for everything you gave to me!

Anyway, they know I have a superman who loves me as much as they do and who will take care of me. Also, it is a great opportunity for me to live the life I have dreamed of, so I know they are happy about it because this is what I wanted.

It is hard to say goodbye but when you know what is waiting for you on the other side, you have nothing to worry about.


Besides, because of the whole flight thing I realised something. Sometimes we feel like everything is falling apart, is too difficult, or simply very sad (I and my parents were really sad for the past few days). But it is just temporary and everything will be great again. It is the same when you are on the ground and it is a cloudy day but over the clouds there still is sun and it is shining brightly. You just have to wait for the clouds to gone. So when it is difficult, you can never say that your whole life is difficult, it is just that tiny moment of your life.


I believe that I will never forget this day. It is the day when I stepped a really large and important step forward to make all my dreams come true. Actually, right now they are coming true and all I want to do is laugh, cry (out of joy!) and dance!

Hello, my dream life!



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