I love love love all the DIY stuff! Also, I love making things from polymer clay. 

Usually, I make necklaces and bracelets from it but now I wanted to make something different. I needed a little plate to put my jewellery. Also, I needed another cute plate or something to put a soap on it and make photos for social media. So I thought why not to make one polymer clay plate where I could put the jewellery or soap when I am making photos.

When I started moulding the clay and mixing a few colours together, an idea of a two sides plate came into my mind. It was a great idea because I would have two backgrounds to choose from when making photos and when I will get bored with the one side of the plate I could just flip it over and enjoy the other side of it!

Moulding is always unexpected because you start doing it while having one idea but end up with pretty different pieces.

After making two sides plate, I was not very happy how it looked so decided to add a grey, a little bit shiny border. Of course, I mixed too much clay for it and had a small piece left unused. I did not want to throw it away and then somehow an idea of an incense holder came. So I made it from that little piece of clay!

In the end, I had: a reversible plate which will be my jewellery holder, soap plate, and a place for incense ashes to fall; a small bubble to hold incense and another one black hat’s shape incense holder.

Would you like to mould some polymer clay pieces yourself?

First of all, you will need polymer clay. Just google where you could buy it or order it online. Usually, it is sold in crafts’ stores. There are a few brands of polymer clay. I use Fimo clay because I like its quality, it is easy to mould and you can choose from various colours. Anyway, I am sure all the other polymer clays are also good, I just have not tried any other brand yet.

Also, you will need a pair of medical gloves, baking paper, and an oven.

Lay a piece of baking paper on the table and put on the gloves. Then unfold the polymer clay and create anything you want!

When your creations are almost done, heat the oven. Bake your pieces in the 115 degrees’ Celsius oven for 10-15 minutes. It is enough for small pieces (the things I made today were baked for 15 minutes). After baking, get things out of the oven and leave to cold. This is it!

It is a great way express your imagination and create unique pieces everyone will admire. And it does not cost a fortune! I highly recommend you to try creating something from polymer clay!

If you would like to get some inspiration, visit my Pinterest account, there you will find plenty of ideas for DIY projects: 


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