Every life is like a book, each story is unique and interesting. Like most books, lives also have chapters. One chapter of my has just ended and now I am in that blank space between the chapters because the next one will begin only on Monday.

Let’s look back at the previous chapter and get ready to read the next one!

The last chapter lasted about five months. It was one of the most interesting and unexpected stories of my life. First of all, the love of my life had to move to London to pursue his dreams, so I had to learn how not to see him every day and how not to be a drama queen. Yeah, it was not easy. Later on, I quit my job, flew to see my boy and decided to find an internship in London. It is my last year at the university so I would have to do an internship anyway. Most of the time I lived between Vilnius and London. Finally, I found a dream internship position and was the best thing what could happen in this chapter! It meant I will not have to wait until summer to live with my boy and I will have a dream job (well, actually an internship) for at least four months.

Yesterday I had my last exam. It is the end of this chapter and it is pretty awesome! I feel so happy about it!

When you are reading a book, you know some things that will happen in the next chapter (e.g. I will be doing an internship, writing a BA thesis, making bow-ties and living with Him) but there still be many things I have no idea about!

So now I am in the blank space, you know that half blank page after the end of the chapter? This is what I mean. It is a space for your own thoughts about what have happened. Also, it prepares you for the next part of the story.

By the way, do you know how most of the girls’ chapters end and start? By cutting their hair off! That is exactly what I did this morning!



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