Day # 12: DO SOME YOGA!


In daily a rush, do not forget to take care of your body!

Today I had the last exam so after a super intense month, I felt an obligation to do a relaxing and pleasant workout. What I wanted to do the most was yoga. It is the best way to move a little bit, strengthen your body and calm your mind.

The best workout for me is the one when I do not have to think what am I going to do next. That is why I always find a video of a workout and simply follow the moves. Also, usually I look for a new, unseen videos unless I find some that I want to do more than once.

So today I wanted to do some yoga! It happened that I accidentally found a yoga lesson on Skillshare and decided to give it a try. It was awesome! I liked the instructor so much that I watched three videos of hers. Now I feel amazing, it was exactly what I needed! I have tried the Stretches for more flexible hips, the Balancing act, and the Balance and flow. The only thing I can think about right now is a good night sleep!

I am pretty sure you also need something to relax your body and soul, so try doing some yoga. You can find loads of yoga lessons on YouTube or you can try the ones I just did.

Here is a link to those yoga lessons: 

These lectures are for Premium class users so if you would like to become one, just click on this link to get them cheaper: 


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