Be careful what you wish for! We all heard this, but should we truly be careful of it? Or maybe we should simply think what we really wish and then wish it a lot?

When I was at school, I was attending leadership lectures called “Different Angle” (lit. “Kitas variantas“). It was the best lectures I have ever attended! At least so far … Once we had a lecture about the law of attraction.

Once we had a lecture about the law of attraction. For the first time, I heard that if you truly wish for something, think about it a lot and focus your mind on your wishes, eventually, it comes true. Also, we made a list of things that we wish and each day had to imagine like those things are real.

Today I have found that list … I was surprised how similar it is to what I have now.

Of course, the first thing on the list was about the boy! He had to have thick brown hair, dark chocolate eyes and some chest hair (yeah, I know how silly it sounds!). Also, he had to be super sweet, nice, loving, loyal, sincere, fun and hard-working. Besides, I wanted him to be perfect in the kitchen and have a soul of an artist. And that is not all, there were two more things, I wanted him not to have (and not to wear) jeans and to spread that magical vibration when he talks (similar to cats purr). The man I love is even better than this!

The other dreams were most career and lifestyle related. I wanted to have a job where I could work from home or any other place, be creative, do most of the things on my own, meet a bunch of challenges, travel and have at least a small business. About six years have passed and Voilà! ALL of these things became real!

It seems so natural, just like it was meant to happen. Only now I realized that I really control my life and anything is possible. It is important to know what you wish for and to work towards these wishes. Oh, and to believe in the law of attraction because yes, it works!


One thought on “Day # 11: LAW OF ATTRACTION

  1. Wendy

    Great to meet you and I’m looking forward to following your journey.. I love The Law of Attraction and it has worked brilliantly for me over the years… I wrote some posts about Vision Board Magic and my amazing successes. It’s definitely worth putting a vision board together if you haven’t already! xx

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