Tasty food is what I love! Sadly, most of the time I relish it in some restaurant or at home but only when it is not me who cooked it. 

Some time ago most of my leisure was spent in the kitchen. It was a magical place where I could experiment and make incredible tasty desserts. I was a pro at making cupcakes and was writing a blog about it. Not sure what happened, maybe I just overate or something but right now when I am in the kitchen, prepare for disaster.

The only food I believed I know how to make was pancakes. Unfortunately, the last few times I could not manage to make them proper enough. One time I added too much soda, later on, for some unexplainable reason instead of normal flour I used flour for bread… They were so terrible that I just had to throw them away!

However, I am not giving up. I want to become great in the kitchen and today I had the first cooking lesson! Well, actually I simply was visiting my friend and she offered to stay for a dinner. When she said that she will make Mexican soup, I could not resist. It was the best homemade Mexican soup I have ever had! Will try to make it by myself the next week and share a recipe with you, guys.

I will keep up working and cooking and trying until I will be proud of the meals I make! I do not want to feel like I am in hell anymore, when in fact, I am just in the kitchen.



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