During the winter it is a must to take care of your hair and skin. That is why today was dedicated to skincare and haircare!

Today I had to study a lot for tomorrow’s exam so I really needed relaxing breaks. When it was time for the first break, I took care of my hair. And when it was time for another one, I did all the skin care.

For haircare, I love using coconut oil. Before using it, I melt it with a hair dryer and then apply it on the scalp and all the hair. The best part about it is a scalp massage! This procedure makes my hair grow strong, healthy and glossy. After applying coconut oil, I wait for about four hours and wash my hair. That is all!

What about skincare? For me, it is very important to remove dead skin cells and moisten the skin well after it.

I love to use Go Nuts by Uoga Uoga for the face skin. It is a natural scrub with almonds and white clay. It removes all the dead skin perfectly! After the scrub,  I use natural moisturizing cream with orange blossoms and tangerines Orange Cloud (also by Uoga Uoga). It has a nice flavor and the skin looks and feels amazing after using it.

After studying hard I love to take care of my skin! I wish to find some time for rituals like this one more often.




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