Today was Friday but it was more like Monday to me. Super busy and intensive day I had but still spent some time working towards creating a perfect me!

One of my new year’s resolutions was to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. Yesterday I found a great lecturer, Meg Lewis, on Skillshare, who offers five lessons about fundamentals of Photoshop. For such a beginner like me, it was exactly what I needed!

In the afternoon, I decided to watch the first lecture. It was about all the basics of using the program. Also, there was explained how to create such figures as square, circle, rectangle and others, how to select colours and add layers. Was it interesting? Definitely! Finally, I know, what all those tools are for!

At the end of the lecture we were offered to make a project – to create anything we want by using those simple tools we just learned about. I tried to make a cup of coffee with milk… It did not turn out exactly how I wanted but it is pretty good as the first try (it should have been with a handle and more realistic milk). Anyway, I am still proud of what I did, hope to get better after watching other lessons and more practice!

Here is a link to those amazing lectures of Photoshop:

These lectures are for Premium class users so if you would like to become one, just click on this link to get them cheaper

I am super happy about what this website offers and believe it would be useful for you too!

Can I say, that this day counts as becoming a perfect me? Yes yes yes!


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