If I was a perfect me, I would read much more books than I do now. Gladly, on the day # 5 I found some time to read. 

I read a book “Žmogus, kuris žinojo viską” (eng. A Man, Who Knew Everything), written by Tomas Ramanauskas and Kristupas Sabolius. It is a wonderful book about creativity. How I decided to read this book? First of all, I heard about it in university. K. Sabolius was my aesthetics professor, so he told us a little bit about this book. Later on, I was in a book store and noticed a book with super catchy cover – bright red background with a crossed out question mark. When I took this book, I found out it was that book I have heard about. More than a year passed by but I could not forget that amazing cover. So this Christmas I told my boyfriend I would like to have this book and Voila! I am incredibly happy to finally have it!

This book contains 98 stories about creativity – how it is born, how powerful and important it is, how random acts can influence the future and so on. Also, in this book is 100 pictures created by artists from all over the world. They were told to create a picture of a man, who knew everything. As I told you before, I think a lot, so I have thought about imagination and how people see the same things differently. These pictures only prove how different we all are. All those pictures in this book are amazing! If I spent about 7-10 minutes reading one story, I spend the same time observing and analysing one picture.

Creativeness is very important part of my life. Right now I am a marketing and communications intern, so I have to be creative if I want to do my job well. Also, I create bow-ties, so I must find new ways how to present them attractively. Moreover, I want my life to be interesting, full of surprises and adventures. I want to live and breath by creativeness but it is not so easy to stay creative all the time. I must put a lot of effort to do this but this book makes it easier! When I feel the need of inspiration, I just read one story and analyse one picture. It is enough to find the inspiration I need.

This book is one of the best books I have.  It is more than just one story. It is a collection of 198 acts of creativity and an amazing source of inspiration.

And how do you imagine a man, who knew everything?

Find more about this book here:


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