In a rush of the day, stop for a moment and breathe in.

Last night magical things happened. A true winter came to Lithuania and everything is blanketed with snow.

If I was not consciously thinking about this project of becoming a perfect me, I probably would have spent all day studying for the exam, which I had this evening. However, I am still thinking a lot about it. That is why I decided to have a break and go outside for a walk. Also, it was so incredibly beautiful that I wanted to make some photos of the surroundings.


Time passes by and most of the time we do not notice how everything changes. Some trees are taller than they were the last winter, some trees are gone… The tree house in which I and my sister played when we were younger is slowly leaning down. Does it mean it’s time has almost ended? And how much time do I have left? Maybe I am wasting too much of it? Time, time, time…

I believe, I have not wasted a second today. Not only I did all the “serious stuff” but also stopped for a moment and breathed in.

P.s. Dogs were extremely happy to have a walk and play in the snow!





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