Do more of what makes you happy!

After a kind of lazy week and some procrastination, I had many things to do. Also, it was the last day when my S.O. was in Vilnius so we wanted to have some relaxation before he leaves. I could not remember the last time I was in the swimming pool, neither did he. That is why we decided to have some spa time!

We looked for a place which would:

  • have a swimming pool
  • some baths
  • would not be very expensive
  • would be located near Vilnius

Well, we decided to give a chance to Villa Alicante near a beautiful lake. It seemed the best choice to spend an evening. Also, it is located only a few minutes away from my parent’s home but I have never tried their spa.

How it was? These two hours in swimming pool, Jacuzzi and baths were marvellous! I can not remember when I felt so well relaxed. It was a great place to spend the evening and have some time for ourselves. Just what we needed for the baggage packing night that was coming and for the preparation for tomorrow’s exam.

No sleep night, here I come!

Can I count this day? Hell yes! My “To do” list is almost clear for the following day (just driving my boy to the airport and writing the exam).


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