Close your eyes and remember these moments, when you can appreciate what you have and do not need anything else. How it feels? For me, it feels like my heart is full of joy and harmony. Today was full of them.

I love those snowy winter nights and late dates. They are so magical and enchanting! Me and my boyfriend wanted this evening to be special. We wanted to have a date like the ones, we had a few years ago when we started dating. Also, we wanted to try a place we have never been before. So we walked among the narrow streets of the old town, admired the Christmas lights and watched cafes full of people.

Despite all that romance and beauty of the evening, it was extremely cold outside, so we dropped in the first cosy café with a vacant table for two. And… Holy Doughnut! The place had such an amazing café menu and so deliciously looking doughnuts that we could not resist. That means I broke my promise to eat healthily. Yeah… But they were so tasty that I do not feel guilty at all! This evening with tasty food, cups of coffees, cosy atmosphere, people passing by and the man I love by my side was a significant one.

The second day of 365 days was full of joy and harmony. We had a perfect date, visited a new place and enjoyed this lovely evening. It was full of moments when your heart is full.



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