Today I finally learned a pretty important lesson. The lesson of thinking.

We too much concentrate on the negative things instead of the positive ones. I always was the kind of person who overthinks everything many times, especially those moments when something unpleasant happens. The decision to write this blog and to make every day count made me think more about what I do. Today I was continuously thinking what am I going to write about? Am I doing this to become a perfect me? Well, obviously I was. Here is the reason why…

The morning after New Year’s celebration usually is dedicated to sleep. So I have slept until midday though that was not a plan. The plan was to wake up early and drive to the city center, have a great brunch and have a long walk in the park. I woke up with a guilt that I have failed to stick to the plan on the first day. Later on, me and my S.O. had a lunch with the whole family and played table games after it. It was so nice to do those things but my thoughts were not so nice. All day I felt guilty for not doing something significant, something I could write about. Despite those minds, I spent all day at home with the people I love, just having a lazy time, drinking tea and playing table games.

Wondering, what is that lesson of thinking? Well, at the end of the day I was thinking even more. Should I write that it was great tasting those three or four different flavor teas? Or should I write how much I enjoyed those countless sets of Backgammon played with my boy? Or maybe about those incredible moments when he holds my hand? Then I understood – all those things I did today were the best I could have. All day I spend with the people I love, we simply were together and enjoyed it. We had so much fun and unforgettable moments. Was it really not good enough, just a lazy day that could hardly count? No. It was the best day I can remember. Merely I was concentrating on the negative side instead of enjoying it with all my heart.

There are both sides of every thing – positive and negative. It is our decision which side we choose to concentrate on. Do not let the happiest moments of your life pass unnoticed only because you thought they are not good enough.


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