We all know that “New Year New Me” thing. Well, each year just before the new years I make a list of things that I want to achieve but every time I face a problem – I am perfect at making plans but not so perfect at sticking to them.

So many things are going on in my life right now but I believe I could handle even more. I am an Economics student at Vilnius University, DIY stuff lover, bow-ties creator and marketing enthusiast. In the beginning of January, I will be moving to London to live with my S.O. and to do a marketing internship in an exciting start-up.

As long as I can remember I was afraid of failure, believed that I am not made to dance, had no clue how to cook (except the time, when almost 10 years ago, I wished to have a bakery and make tons of cupcakes). Also, I always heard people saying that I am a smart and responsible person and this evolved into a mindset that I can not do crazy things or make irresponsible choices. It is amazing when you have a supporting family who believes you are the best but I forgot how to relax and enjoy the life I have.

What I want is to learn how not to think too much, how to dance and cook. Also, I want to live a healthy life, exercise regularly and try more new things.

365 days – this is what I have to get rid of my fears and become a perfect me.


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